Skill-Will Matrix : Codess.Cafe Twitter Spaces Story

  1. Capable — They’re amazing for one-off jobs. But you can’t rely on them to adapt and perform well with the changing needs of the business.
  2. Excelling — They’ll deliver beyond expectations but are hard to retain. They’ll stay for a short while and then leave to start their own business.
  3. Aspiring — They’re the best team members. They learn and adapt quickly. They will move to the “Excelling” category once you train them, but they’ll stay long in cognizance of your investment in their development.


I knew I had to ping her as soon as we decided to start the podcast. She has a great personality, huge following on Twitter and had had a lot of experience with Twitter Spaces. So I pinged her for the project. She said, “yup, let’s do it !”. So we started discussing the poster, structure, guests, etc. for the launch. We started with a lot of enthusiasm but soon I noticed some problems.


She was already an influencer on Twitter and LinkedIn. She used to do regular podcasts on Twitter with a huge audience. I was sure she would love to collaborate with Codess.Cafe for this initiative. She would bring a lot of positive attention to the community as well. But I had certain reservations.


She had recently joined Twitter and got a lot of love and support from the tech community. She had also attended a few Twitter Spaces where she played all the roles: audience, speaker, host. I decided to ping her to host the sessions for Codess.Cafe. She gladly accepted.



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Aarnav Jindal

Aarnav Jindal

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