Opportunities Trickle Down

Aarnav Jindal
3 min readFeb 12, 2022


Certain moments in life hit you differently. They leave you puzzled and amused. I experienced a similar moment recently. It began with a seemingly simple message -

So far so good. Am enjoying it!! It barely takes 1/2 hr of mine a week. I built many valuable connections and am learning many things through this. So ig it’s totally worth it!! Thanks to you for choosing me 😄

A simple “thank you” message. Why was it interesting? What was the story behind it? Let’s see 🙂

We wanted to curate success stories from women in tech to motivate young incoming women engineers. So we decided to start a medium publication in January 2022 at Codess.Cafe. Along with it began the hunt for an experienced editor. Vidhi Bhatt, who had joined the community just a month back, volunteered and played the part beautifully. At the end of the month, I gathered work experience feedback from all the team members when Vidhi sent this intriguing message.

Happy with the positive response, I was about to move on when my mind started lingering over “I built many valuable connections and am learning many things through this. So ig it’s totally worth it!!”. I wondered, why were those connections valuable? They would not bring similar value to me. Was it just a nice comment ? 😊 Upon further thinking I realised, nope! The same had happened with me as well 😯

I joined Scaler in August 2021 as a PM. Arnav bhaiya used to host a weekend podcast called TechTales to promote the Scaler Forever product. One weekend he was busy and pinged me to take over. I was ecstatic and immediately replied, YES. I used to host podcasts for Codess.Cafe as well, but this was a more professional engagement with a further reach, so I was very excited. The podcast went well, so I formally took over as the host.

I got to interact with highly accomplished individuals in tech every week. I would talk 1:1 with our guests for 90 mins each weekend. I got their personal mobile numbers as well 🤓 It would be impossible to get in touch with these people via LinkedIn. Why did Arnav bhaiya pass this marvellous opportunity? Did I just get lucky?

Both stories were the same, just the setting slightly different and the roles reversed. This blew my mind 🤯 It also gave me the opportunity to look at things holistically. Different people are on different levels of the same ladder in their life. All of them come across three types of opportunities. Some help them reach the next step, some improve their performance at the current one, while some do not affect their life. People are happy to pass on the third type of opportunity to anyone willing. People on lower steps merrily grab them.

Many opportunities trickle down the success ladder. Keep an eye out for them. Have you ever been on the step above, the step below, or both? 🙂



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