Importance of projects on Résume

  1. Importance in placement process
  2. Importance in jobs
  3. Types of project to choose
  4. Presenting a project on your resume

Importance in placement process

Importance in job

Projects to work on

Displaying project on Résume

Example Description 1
Example Description 2
  1. Try to add as many relevant stats as possible — At a quick glance, numbers catch attention quickly since they are easier to comprehend and understand in a swarm of text
  2. Use adjectives — Utilising adjectives will help add weight to and make the description more interesting
  3. Mention Learnings — Explicitly writing about your learnings will quickly demonstrate all that you learnt from the project. Otherwise the interviewer might only scratch the surface of the total concepts used in the project.
  4. Put links — Always add a link to your project description. It can be a PlayStore link, a Web address or a GitHub link. Links add authenticity to your resume while giving the interviewers a chance to see the project themselves in case they see the resume on a computer.



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