Era of Quantum Supremacy is near

Why is it a Big Deal ?

What is Quantum Computing ?


  1. Cyber Security : The primary basis of security for encryption algorithms in use is the difficulty in factoring large numbers in feasible time. There, however, exist quantum algorithms for factoring of large numbers. In fact, the U.S. government is already taking steps to prepare for the future possibility of practical quantum computing breaking modern cryptography standards. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology has been overseeing a process that challenges cryptography researchers to develop and test quantum-resistant algorithms that can continue to keep global communications secure.
  2. Computational Chemistry : There are many problems in materials science that can achieve a huge payoff if we just find the right catalyst or process to develop a new material, or an existing material more efficiently. There is already a significant effort in using classical computers to simulate chemical interactions, but in many cases the problems become intractable for solving classically. So the original idea presented by Richard Feynman was why not use a quantum computer to simulate the quantum mechanical processes that occur.
  3. Machine Learning : One of the most striking issues of machine learning is the time it takes for a model to compile. Current models sometimes need a few days to complete learning, even on the most powerful computers available. This results in delayed evaluation and analysis of said models. A few proposed models are only theoretical since we don’t have machines powerful enough to implement them right now. Quantum computers can help scientists break free of these shackles and revolutionise machine learning.

What this milestone represents ?

Towards the Future



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